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Ro Salarian

is a nonbinary writer and artist who began making webcomics in the early 00s, and broke into print with I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space and the recently completed Spectacle series. They were nominated for an Eisner Award for their short story TransPlant, and have had work featured in various anthologies from publishers like Strawberry Comics and Iron Circus Comics, as well as their own self published works. When not making books, they are a burlesque performer, cheese expert, textile designer, and pretty decent cook. They live in Michigan with their partner and cats in a house with a secret room and a spooky pit in the basement. They can be contacted at They are represented by Desiree Wilson of Looking Glass Lit.

Notable Bibliography


Oni Press


Self Published on



Self Published


A paranormal murder mystery set against the backdrop of an old traveling circus. 5 volumes. Read more.

Hexual Fantasy

An adults-only raunchy collections of short stories featuring sexy monsters and demons. Read More.

YU+ME: dream

Fiona meets the girl of her dreams... and then she wakes up. One of the first lesbian webcomics out there. Read more.

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